Soul Purpose is a center with a refreshing and unique approach to wellness. A place to unwind, feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


The tree of life


Our inspiration comes from the universal symbol, The tree of life. The tree symbolizes growth, protection, strength, bounty and beauty, it also has the ability to survive and grow from within. Like the tree, we too need our share of attention, love and care - make a positive change to your life.


Feel refreshed and rejuvenated

Wellness at Soul Purpose

Yoga and massage for the body, meditation for the mind, inter-active workshops on alternative healing combined with a special detoxifying diet, will leave you feeling refreshed and energized, ready to take on a new tomorrow. Your well being - physical, mental and spiritual is our focus.


Power is within you

Essence of Soul Purpose

You will learn to nurture, love and care for yourself. It all stems from your inner self to understand the true purpose of our life, and to look at people, events and circumstances as learning opportunities. As humans, we have the power within us to strengthen our mind, body and soul.