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About Soul Purpose
Soul Purpose is a center with a refreshing and unique approach to wellness

Soul Purpose

A place to unwind, feel refreshed and rejuvenated, Soul purpose is,in the true sense of the word,  a retreat , where one can relax and allow all stress to melt away. With respect for an individuals natural potential for self healing, at Soul Purpose , the stress is on prevention of illness, thus aiming for a balance and harmony in both mind and body.

The center is envisioned to include: meditation, yoga-pranayama (breathing techniques), traditional yoga, power yoga , pilates,aerobics, inter-active workshops on alternative healing like acupressure, reiki, aura healing, past life regression and reflexology. Also included are sessions on detoxification  and ideal diet plan by a well qualified nutritionist, workshops on gardening and pottery.


You are the focal point at Soul Purpose

"The two day course that kalpana and I attended last weekend at your center was stupendous. The various programmes were well thought of, the instructors were very good, settings appropriate and all schedules planned very meticulously by you. What took the cake was the home-made food you personally cooked for us. The exercise regime was just right- not too little and not too much. Our congrats to you for coming up with this amazing product." by: Ashok Kumar


"Kudos for starting a center like Soul Purpose- so badly needed by all of us leading stressful lives! I particularly enjoyed the massages, meditation and the gardening and pottery sessions which were so relaxing. It was a beautifully conducted two day programme with right amount of time spent on exercise. The workshop on pilates and acupressure were very helpful as it opened new vistas for me. One needn't travel long distances for such bliss! Keep up the good work!" by: Sonia Prakash


"The weekend spent at Soul Purpose was an amazing experience for me. What really touched me  most was the cost factor! so much for so little! I guess one would spend as much on a single visit to a neighbourhood beauty salon! The meal plan was excellent, massages very relaxing, rooms airy and comfortable and yoga sessions exhilarating! Would love to go back to soul purpose as soon as i can! Good Luck and many thanks." by: Sunita Samuel.


"Bina has been a spiritual guide, counselor, life coach and above all a miraculous healer. I feel that her therapy works very effectively in cases of depression, stress related disorders and other psychosomatic ailments. I benefited greatly from her healing and spiritual guidance." by: Dr. D. Upadhyaya Joshi


"Healing made me aware of my issues. My anger and restlessness healed. I became peaceful and more balanced. Healing made me realise deeper meaning of life. My life's beautiful because I'm healed."
by: Priti G. Berlin

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